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The Process

During our initial consult we will deep dive into your health history…considering what is currently going on in your life and what else you may have tried. We will explore factors that may be preventing you from achieving optimal health, but may not necessarily show up in a blood test or other clinical assessments. Based on all of the above we will map out a specific plan for you to achieve your health goals.

I look forward to empowering you on your very personal journey of achieving vibrant health!

Acupunture and Chinese Medicine

These modalities have been used for thousands of years to help regulate the body, resolve health issues, and relieve pain. Acupuncture involves using very thin sterile needles which are inserted into points along meridians that run along the surface of the body.

When these points are stimulated, they create movement and circulation as well as lower inflammation. Cupping and therapeutic massage are also used during treatments as

Herbal Consult

Chinese Herbal Medicine has a very long and powerful healing history. If you’ve been feeling sick or unwell, and would like advice on what can help most.

I can offer herbal support once we have evaluated your health concerns in detail. We can meet in my office or virtually.

Functional Nutrition and Natural Supplements

Providing research based, life changing, personal nutrition coaching and testing to look more deeply at what is creating your symptoms.

We can then correct the root of the imbalance through customized and effective nutritional healing protocols.

We can meet in my office or virtually

Introduction to Mindfulness

Learn simple tools to return to inner peace during a time where the external world continues to try and draw us into its chaos.

Ongoing groups as well as private sessions are available. These can be conducted in person or virtually.

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